The Spring is Coming, So Is the Flu

Spring is a cold season, medical staff to family prevention and care tips to cope with a cold, which can reduce disease.

Family: cold "prevention" is particularly important. To strengthen their own health, organized, and rest, diet, as climate change clothes; foot, knee and back to the warm, morning wash in cold water; insisted exercise; indoor air fresh, get up in the morning to open the window and allow the air to circulate. Home as found in cold, smoked vinegar should be timely air; healthy nostrils a few cloves of garlic garlic liquid applicators or oral, can also reduce colds.

To reflect the "early": it is often said: "the disease and treatment, drugs have to eat early". Characterization of the genus colds, tables evil puzzle into the hot, disease progression. When the cold chill himself or his family, and pressing the "intestine" point (back of Disi态Wu fingers metacarpophalangeal joint recesses); wear light blue, sweat to disperse in ginger to cold, General characterization can be lifted. When symptoms are more severe, early drug control developments.

Eat right: after a cold light, easily digestible, high protein, high-vitamin diet, protein foods to choose egg or soy, not eating meat, fish, shrimp, and eat more vegetables, fruits, fresh or boiled water to the best temperature food and beverage service, not eat cold dish; supplemented with lungs and relief of constipation with honey. Such as body aches, cough, take joint venture medical prescription for dietary therapy of regulating, that is, with PEAR, jujube, ginger, sugar, eggs boiled water, morning, evening, served after the break.

Protected: with a focus on protection of old people and children, seriously ill patients, because that segment of the population is susceptible populations, once complications secondary to colds. Keep warm to help patients sputum, protect the airway patency, strict observation of changes such as body temperature, respiration, sent to hospital if necessary, do not delay.

Also note: (1) to the "cold" sweating to see Khan while stock lasts, not too much. Not a burning sweat. Sweat streams more than both dissipation loss of Yang and yin essence, in particular, tend to collapse. (2) do not commonly used antibiotics. General equations form a cold medicine to relieve symptoms, such as fever, cough, and severe, may be targeted after checking into the hospital with antibiotics. Not for casual use, especially penicillin-be sure to go to the hospital or community medical point injection to avoid allergic reactions treatment than after. (3) the dialectic in medication. "Cold"-cold or heat distinction to syndrome differentiation of cold or heat, respectively Minister drugs pungent solution of Guizhi decoction on the table, or symplectic cool exterior as Sang Ju drink or drugs under the guidance of a doctor.


Wish you take good care of yourself as the spring approaches.