10 family health nursing concepts

Family health nursing concepts

1. each family and its individual members has its uniqueness, not exactly the same two families and individuals: thus, when different families with the same health problems in nursing, nursing interventions and methods may not be the same.

Nursing intervention of the levels can be divided into, the human body, human relations, and environmental dimensions of the family unit.

2. the family initiative: families take greater responsibility for their own health and family health latent abilities play a decisive role to play. Nurse's mission is to help families get and stay healthy, play a supporting role to family health.

3. family health decision under the influence of many factors: effects of family health decisions are made by a number of factors, including cognitive, cohesiveness, adaptability, values, cultural, religious, economic, and political structures, roles, and family interaction, as well as family members, such as social, psychological, and physiological factors.

4. families can make their own health decisions, not dependent on. During the process of home health care, nursing Guide and help families to make healthy decisions, and provides health information for families.

5. the family capable of both favourable and unfavourable circumstances change, to deal with family situations. Family changes can appear to have a positive or adverse effect.

6. in the course of family life, in order to choose their modes of behaviour and ways of life, families have the right to search for health information, to help make their own choices.

7. family health goals established, should strive to achieve the health goals, to improve health protection and health promotion in families confidence.

8. for the family's own health, families should only engage in those acts and activities to improve the healthy function of, abandon unhealthy lifestyle or unhealthy behaviors.

9. Despite the different levels of family health, but all families have healthy growth potential, nurses should adopt measures such as home health care, comfort and family education, enhance the ability of families to healthy growth.

10. the community nurse is assessing, maintaining and enhancing the role of family health, health resources, as well as members of the family and family systems health potential.

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